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Some interesting cases:

  • Reversal of expropriation of multiple companies in the sugar industry.


  • Insolvency proceedings on behalf of the debtor, against more than 27,000 creditors and for liabilities, in a single case, of more than 1,800 million pesos.


  • Commercial procedure for the execution of an arbitration award issued abroad promoted by a company of Cayman Islands nationality for an approximate amount of USD 100,000,000.00 dollars vs. “Fortune 100” company.


  • Stoppage of the merger procedure of foreign companies of different nationalities in Mexico, sued by a company of Cayman Islands nationality before the Federal Courts in Mexico.


  • Controversial matters in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in Direct Amparos in Review, Impediments, Claims and Request for Exercise of Power of Attraction; Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington, D.C. and with edges in anti-corruption matters and the application of the “FCPA” due to a complaint in the Department of Justice of the United States of America.


  • International commercial arbitration on an underwater infrastructure project that took 10 years, between commercial companies with Mexican and Spanish shareholders, the core of which was regarding the loyalty between shareholders and the directors vis-à-vis them. 'Multi-contract' and 'multi-party' controversy resolved by an Arbitration Court chaired by an Argentine arbitrator under the Arbitration Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce “ICC”. The arbitration was held in Panama City, with substantive submission to Mexican legislation. Obtaining judgments in favor of our clients for compensation for damages caused by unjustified expenses by the administration controlled by the majority shareholders. In this controversy, the arbitrability of lifting the corporate veil was resolved, as well as the non-incompatibility of a protection trial with commercial arbitration, the abuse of majorities in capital companies and the consequences of the actions of shareholders and directors with conflict. of interests.


  • Testamentary Succession with abuse of the executor, our client achieved with our representation, the judicial declaration of nullity of general meetings of shareholders of Public Limited Companies and agreements made in them, as well as the notarial instruments in which they were recorded, for having accredited the absolute simulation of legal acts to remove from the testamentary disposition, the legacy of the shares of various commercial companies controlled by the de cujus. The lawsuit was filed against multiple shareholders and companies by a legatee, who accredited the simulation with the participation of the notary and the co-sharers who made it appear that the shares bequeathed had left the estate of the author of the inheritance before his death. The executor was revoked and lost his right to succeed the cujus, losing his inheritances and legacies to the benefit of the estate.


  • We released two embargoes filed years before, on USD 45,000,000 of our client, in favor of banks within two commercial executive trials. This achievement was obtained in a period of approximately one and a half months, through the execution of an interlocutory ruling issued in an independent insolvency trial involving different companies, which declared the nullity of the apparent guarantee granted by the commercial company that we represent.


  • Reversal of the designation of beneficiary in foreign life insurance, a process that lasted only three months and resulted in the payment of multimillion-dollar compensation in favor of the estate of the insured who took his own life.


  • Extinction of final sentences due to the retroactive acquisition of property, through purchase and sale with reservation of ownership, assuming the status of creditor and debtor in the same person.


  • Termination of multiple agreements for the implementation of commercial, agricultural and restaurant businesses, including land exchanges with an approximate value of $500,000,000 pesos in Yucatán and the State of Mexico, as well as compensation for the causation of damages and losses, through of the expert calculation of lost profits due to the counterparty's failure to comply with substantial elements of the agreement entered into between the multiple parties, natural persons and legal entities.


  • Trial to revoke donations of real estate due to alleged ingratitude, in which public instruments were forged. The client counterclaimed the nullity of the subsequent falsified testimonies.


  • We represent important national and foreign energy companies. Currently, one of the energy services companies that we represent has managed to obtain the security of cash submitted to the court in ordinary commercial proceedings, for hundreds of millions of pesos, including credits simulatedly assigned or assigned to trusts, in a very complex matter with multiple companies created and acquired to defraud creditors with the intervention of national and foreign entities.


  • Testamentary and intestate succession trials that have involved disputed fortunes between multiple presumed heirs, integrated not only with traditional assets, but also with rights, social shares and corporate actions in high-profile civil and commercial companies, art and watch collections, libraries , among others.


  • Multiple successful defenses against promissory notes tainted by “ideological falsehood,” against the prevailing view that this defense rarely succeeds.


  • Forced compliance with a transaction agreement in which there were multiple parties involved, and the annulment of fraudulent legal acts carried out before (and in collusion with) a notary public (who lost his patent) had to be sued that made the execution of the agreement impossible.


  • Nullity of corporations established for illicit purposes because they were created by the same shareholders and administrators as other legal entities (with the exception of our client), as a mechanism to acquire the clientele and business of the legal entity in which our client is a co-shareholder. .

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